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Alex urgently required a branded rally car for the launch of his autobiography The Driver at Park Lane, Mayfair because his own rally car had been misdirected and was stuck on a freighter headed towards Rotterham.

Alex says: ' I was in a real fix because I needed my car for the book launch, but instead of being in London it was on its way to the Netherlands! This was a very important occasion for me and had been arranged for months. I was really worried but FASTSIGNS were great. I needed a really fast turnaround and they delivered a fantastic looking car right on time. Even I wouldn't have known the difference!'

Staff at FASTSIGNS Kingston had just 24 hours to design, create and wrap the graphics on the hired BMW M5 series car to ensure it was ready for the book launch. Owner of the Kingston branch of FASTSIGNS, Mark Phelps comments: 'I was really pleased that Alex and his master driver and co-pilot Michael Ross asked my staff to help with this unusual task. I have an excellent team of experts who are able to react to any job and will do their very best to meet any deadline. This was a fun project, which caused quite a stir in the local community and attracted a lot of attention from passing traffic, both by car and foot.'


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