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FiltaFry Plus has been enjoying a very busy few months, which have seen the fryer management franchise expanding its operations not only in the UK, but also overseas.

March saw Sergio D’Ario unveil FiltaFry Plus’ services to clients in Wolverhampton, while Eoin Hally became Master Franchise Owner for the Republic of Ireland.

Some of the FiltaFry Plus UK team have recently returned from Greece after helping the brand’s Greek Master Franchise Owner, Michaelis Tsaousis, deal with an impressive number of enquiries at the KEM Franchise International exhibition in Athens. Staff at FiltaFry Plus’ head office have also been training the new Master Franchise Owner for Lebanon for his imminent launch.

Franchise Manager Damian Slater said the continuous growth of FiltaFry Plus is a result of the franchise’ universal appeal.

“The franchise can suit anyone from any background as long as they have a drive to succeed and basic customer skills,” he explained.

“There has never been such demand in the UK for the FiltaFry Plus, due to massive rises in the cost of cooking oil prices and the benefit of companies being able to eliminate health and safety risks connected to the filtering and cleaning of deep fat fryers in their commercial kitchens.”


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