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'Obviously we are delighted that one of the very first people to see details of the franchise has bought into it at such an early stage,' says Sales Director Barry Clayton. 'John is exactly the sort of person we are looking to appoint to UK Biometric Franchise. He has the business management skills born of running a successful company and has seen, like we have, that biometrics has enormous growth potential.'

Biometrics recognises people by scanning their fingerprint, and franchisees of UK Biometrics Franchise will supply its biometric locks to businesses, homes, schools and hospitals which recognise the fingerprint can replace keys, PIN or swipe cards and cannot be lost, stolen or hacked. UK Biometrics Franchise has established 32 franchise regions which are designed to support a minimum of two sales personnel.

'Since 1987 we have built bespoke exhibition stands throughout the UK, but the UK Biometrics Franchise stand was different,' says John.

'The business potential struck me immediately. Biometrics is in line with the way society is moving so the product range has a future. Things are becoming more minimalist and the biometric products appeal to my sense of minimalism. No more big bunches of keys, your finger is the only key you will ever need. Biometrics has filtered down from the military into every day life with biometric passports and access control a commonplace. Soon everybody will have experience of biometrics so the opportunity to bring it into homes and businesses is too good to miss.'


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