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UK-based énergie Fitness Group has announced a two year plan to launch its fitness gym franchise across India. The company, which franchises its énergie Fitness Clubs; énergie Fitness for Women and its low budget Fit4less concept, is currently looking for investors to help it achieve its aim of opening 10 locations in India.

énergie Fitness Group has already successfully launched its franchise in the Middle East and North Africa. A £2 million fitness club in Doha Airport in Qatar was the company's first major cultural challenge to ensure the translation of products and services respected local cultures while maintaining the brand's identity.

Jan Spaticchia, founder and Chief Executive of the énergie Fitness Group, said: "We have been looking at the Indian fitness market for some time now and have already begun investing considerably in understanding and identifying the right opportunities for the énergie Fitness Group. We are now in a position to find the appropriate investors to help develop the brand in regions across the West and South as part of our growth strategy.

"Our experience in the Middle East has given us firm knowledge and understanding in the many aspects needed to satisfy local cultures from language translation to physical construction as well as marketing to the right audience. We are extremely excited about our progression to India and taking the énergie name to a new part of the world."


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