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Time For You has had a four times increase in the number of franchise inquiries compared to this time last year. The domestic cleaning company has put the increase down to the recession, with many people losing their jobs and looking to start their own business. According to Time For You many of these potential franchisees have a significant amount of money to invest - often a redundancy payout.

Founder Freddie Rayner says: 'Most of our franchisees have started a business with Time For You after a career doing something else, but we have never known so many people having the money ready to invest.

'Redundancy can be a blessing in disguise for some people. It gets them out of the job they hate and gives them the money to buy a new business that they can love.

'Lots of people would like to do this but find it too hard to make that decision. Being made redundant makes the decision for them.'

This time last year Time For You was getting around 15 people a month asking if a franchise opportunity was available in their area. In the last three months of 2008, that figure rose to 60 a month on average - and it has continued to rise.


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