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A Kall Kwik franchise owner is already reaping the rewards of his business three months since investing in the franchise. Gary Livermore, who took over the Barnet location of the print franchise, has been able to hit the ground running due to the power of the Kall Kwik brand.

Gary said: 'Kall Kwik is a well-established brand, inspiring confidence and trust which ensures instant recognition.

'By acquiring an existing centre I am able to benefit not only from the power of the brand but also from an established customer base, enabling me to hit the ground running and concentrate on cementing personal relationship with clients.'

With the current economic climate in mind Gary believes that a hands-on, client-dedicated approach is the key to success. Gary commented: 'Certainly the economic situation is more challenging at present, but there are still positive opportunities in this market. Getting out there and meeting with your clients is so important and I have found that the Kall Kwik name opens so many doors.'

Gary has extensive plans for the centre, which will involve upgrading and renewing the existing technology, combined with a dedicated new business drive that includes targeted marketing and personalised mailings.

Mike Dewsbury, Managing Director of Kall Kwik, said: 'With his experienced background and acquisition of a well established centre, Gary is keenly positioned to make every success of this new venture. His skills, enthusiasm and professionalism will no doubt ensure continued growth and I wish him the very best for the future.'


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