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In just two months since taking over an existing Dream Doors franchise, former salesman Darren Senior has already gained a turnover of £100,000. The turnover Senior gained in two months is half of the figure the previous franchise owner had made in a year. Now that his business is gathering pace, Senior is aiming to turnover £1 million by the end of his first year.

Senior said: “I took my Exeter-based business on shortly after talking to Dream Doors. I didn’t make any major changes to the business, and even kept the same advertising in place as the previous owner. But even without making any major changes at all, I turned over £100,000 in the first two months – more than the pre-existing business had made in six months. I had 14 appointments in my first month with nine sales, totaling £44,000 in total, which I thought was a fantastic start.”

For Senior operating his business in as professional way as possible is the key to success. He added: “I think the different in results has been down to handling the leads reliably and professionally. It’s simple adjustments like this that will almost certainly improve conversion rates.

“My philosophy is to listen to the customer, and deliver to their expectations by accurately explaining all of the features and benefits of the kitchen or kitchen facelift they’re about to buy. Most importantly, you’ve got to stick with the customers who are undecided and need reassurance. During my first two months, I’d say 50 per cent (of customers) signed there and then, and most of the others signed on the second visit.

“It’s important to give the customer space to make a decision – stand back and let them fall in love with the product. If the product is excellent – and all Dream Door products are – you simply end up becoming a facilitator to the sale.

“In short, new franchise owners should never be afraid of selling, because it’s a great skill, it’s an important part of life, and when somebody is ready to buy, they want to be sold to.

“Self belief is also vital. I have every confidence in myself and in Dream Doors; products, and I believe in delivering ultimate customer satisfaction. Which means that, whatever the situation, my customers will always be looked after.”


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