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FreshStart Living is launching a new franchise opportunity, Athenaeum Capital, and is currently looking for a franchise owner to own and operate its Manchester location.

Athenaeum Capital is due to open in Manchester in October and will provide customers the opportunity to put their money into tangible assets that will increase in value over time rather than into banks that generate low returns.

The company is offering its Manchester franchise for a fee of just £1 instead of its usual £150,000. Rob Worthington, Franchise Manager at Athenaeum Capital, said: “There is a serious mistrust of the banking system in the UK at the moment and we’ve found that people want to put their savings into something tangible rather than having it sat in their accounts generating little to no return or putting into stocks and shares which can be risky.

“Athenaeum Capital is an alternative bank which will allow people to put their money into assets such as diamonds, gold and property. These sorts of investments have historically outperformed most other assets and they actually exist, which gives investors peace of mind.

“Athenaeum Capital will prove that the high street isn’t dead. Before the internet, people did deals face-to-face, they used to shake hands, sign on the dotted line and the deal was done, Athenaeum Capital will make this sort of business common place again.”


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