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The firm, which has six offices in the Murcia region of Southern Spain, sells, manages and rents properties for individuals looking for a holiday home or an investment property in the area. Development Director Sonia Facchini says it was the extremely high calibre of properties which made the business so successful: 'We offer a fantastic standard in all of our villas and apartments which make them a very attractive proposition as holiday homes or rental properties. We provide a rental service through James Villas and Co-operative Travel, plus on-site management services, including cleaning and, where required, staff, all designed to make owning a Resort Homes property as simple as possible. This high quality offer has attracted franchisees from throughout the UK and we are confident this growth will continue in 2008.'

Franchisees are responsible for following up sales leads and marketing and promoting Resort Homes properties in their area, and earn a percentage of each sale. Working with FDS Northern Franchise Consultant Tony Urwin was vital to the successful launch of the franchise model, according to Sonia. 'Working with Tony gave us the solid foundations we needed to establish the franchise network, by creating a strong business offer. He was able to give us an insight into our company, as well as helping us create the right package for potential franchisees and putting together a structure for the development of the network. The work we did with Tony has given us a successful blueprint for the future.'

FDS Northern director Tony Urwin believes Resort Homes' achievements in franchising has been due to the investment in time and effort it has made in the process. 'The team at Resort Homes recognised that franchising wasn't a 'get rich quick' scheme and invested significantly in ensuring they created the right business model in the first place,' he says. 'But they have also offered ongoing support and development to franchisees in their first year, which delivered results for both parties. The franchisees feel valued and are great ambassadors for the brand while Resort Homes continues to build a robust network for the future.'


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