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In the eight years I have been with Expense Reduction Analysts my best saving has been 90 per cent, which I'm quite proud of, but it's not all about making the most savings. I had one client where the savings were very small but I overviewed and restructured their cash collection, cash handling and security programme. I was recently brought into a colleague's very large retail client to advise and negotiate on a specific project, which by the project end had resulted in me becoming a trusted advisor to the FD, which was very pleasing. It's these projects that give me job satisfaction, as well as being able to, in effect, spend other people's money wisely.

When I received the Consultant of the Year Award I was surprised and, at the same time, very proud of myself. Not only does it reflect success in my own business, it is a tangible recognition from head office for the input and contribution I have made to the direction and growth of the group. Since then I have also been awarded the Highest Earner Of The Year for earnings of just under £200,000.

Since joining Expense Reduction Analysts, I have had the opportunity to mix business and pleasure. I have bought a home in Spain which I go to once a month and from there work at a more leisurely pace. I keep the work to 'bite size pieces' so, if there's an hour spare before I'm going out to dinner, I sit down at my 'Spanish desk'. When in England I work more normal hours, but it still fits in with my life rather than my life fitting in around work. If I fancy going to the gym in the morning, having my Fridays in the Isle of Wight at the Yacht club, then I just make up the time at another point. It's completely flexible and without judgment from anyone else. With the money I earn, the hours I work and the time I take off, I regard myself as unemployable. It's given me a better life/work balance than I ever imagined.


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