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Mother of two Lynne worked in the Snap-on Tools Customer Support office in Kettering for seven years. Two years ago Lynne accompanied several franchisees on the road and got a sense of the franchisee role and what it was like to be self-employed.

'I came away thinking this is something I really want to do and I need a challenge,' Lynne says. 'I took a long time to decide if I should become a franchisee because it was such a big change. However I had the full support of my family, particularly my husband Ralph who encouraged me every step of the way. I knew Snap-on had a wide range of quality products and good customer service so decided now was the time for me to build something substantial.

'Since becoming a franchisee I have had a great reception and my confidence is growing all the time. I thought it might be a bit tough as a woman going into a traditionally male world. However that has not been the case, I have a laugh and a joke with them and am building good relationships.'


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