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With 140 Cafe2u franchises across Australia and almost 100 internationally in countries including the UK, America and New Zealand and with the brand securing a master franchisor in South Africa, Cafe2u proliferates a worthwhile investment for potential franchise owners.

The business model is built upon micro targeting, investing in exclusive territory in the hope of acquiring ‘untapped’ potential consumers. ‘We get a lot of statistical information on the territories and we have a way of setting criteria and identifying what we call target businesses. Franchisees get a minimum number of businesses and minimum number of targets and then away they go,’ he explains.

Stanton derives the success of the franchise on its ability to deliver superior attitudinal based customer service, complementing the consumers work/life balance. ‘There is a big lifestyle aspect to our business - it is mobile and outdoor and franchisees typically have an early start and early finish. It affords them the opportunity to hit golf balls, pick the kids up from school, go to the gym or do whatever they prefer in their spare time.’


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