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Management franchise Aire Serv has been successfully developing the opportunities in the energy saving and renewable technology market with the installation of heat pump systems and energy efficient air conditioning.

With the Aire Serv franchise opportunity you can capitalise on the Government-backed Renewable Heat Incentive through the installation of heat pumps, which are a highly efficient heating solution. The brand’s domestic and commercial customers are saving a significant amount of money as a result of heat pump installations. Prospective franchise owners will not only have opportunities in the expanding heat pump market, but also the growing air conditioning and refrigeration markets.

Aire Serv work with some of the most recognised brands in the UK to help support the growth and development of franchise owners. No technical knowledge is needed to run an Aire Serv franchise and support training is provided to help you develop a successful business.

Renewable energy, as part of the UK’s wider switch to a low carbon economy, plays a vital part in its tackle climate change and maintain secure energy supplies. The renewable energy strategy published on the 15 July 2009, sets out the path towards achieving the targets – 15 per cent of the UK’s overall energy consumption must come from renewable sources by 2020.

In short, the Government is offering huge incentives to achieve the renewable energy objectives. Both domestic and commercial customers will be heavily encouraged to install energy saving and renewable technologies like heat pumps and photovoltaic solar power. The Government is serious about what is required and so is the EU following a binding target that has been set for the UK.


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