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Gavin comments: "I take my son Kingston to Gymboree. I'm the only man there, terrifying the chicks. It's so funny."

Gymboree franchisee Freya Tabbush is not surprised that Gavin takes his son to a Gymboree class because: "Here in the UK, virtually every celebrity with a baby or small child is or has been a member of Gymboree which is very exciting for us. It is real testament to our programme. Our fabulous classes are really the highest quality children's activity available.

"Just last week, GMTV presenter Ben Shepherd was talking about how much he loves going to Gymboree class with his son. We really have an incredible following of devoted families which is wonderful to see."

While Gymboree UK Managing Director Sandra Marchetti adds: "It is true that Gymboree is the class of choice for virtually all celebrities across the UK. It is so enjoyable to see major actors, musicians, artists, sports celebrities and even royals in our classes dancing around and having fun with their little ones just like all the other mums and dads in class. One very famous rock star did do his Gymboree class with his sunglasses on, but hey, that's okay with us! Another visit from the son of what many would consider the 'queen of pop' meant a reception area filled with bodyguards but they too were very sweet and accommodating.

"Personally, I was once in a Gymboree class on a Saturday morning with my young daughter when I noticed all the dads in class were acting incredibly nervous and jittery. It turns out that a very famous captain of an English sporting team was in class and the dads were beside themselves with excitement. The funniest part was that the mums were completely calm and couldn't care less. We all had a good laugh."


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