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Sir Tony Robinson commented on the drain giant Dyno-Rod and the history of Britain’s drains: “It’s great to have the opportunity to wish happy birthday to Dyno-Rod and reveal so many hidden histories that are just below our feet. The story of Victorian sewers is fascinating. It’s not just the grime and filth but the incredible engineering feats and the revolution in our kitchens and bathrooms. Back in the 1850’s over 400,000 tonnes of sewage were flushed into the River Thames each day. Imagine that in the middle of summer!”

David Alexander, Director of Dyno: “Thanks to the commitment of our people and of our franchisees, Dyno-Rod continues to grow, with franchises emerging from Irvine in Scotland down to Southampton. Despite of the recent tough economic times, the innovation and high quality services provided by our franchise network have demonstrated that with Dyno-Rod it is possible to maintain and grow a profitable business. As a result, Dyno continues to help homes and businesses run smoothly across the UK and is delighted to be able to mark the last 50 years of Dyno-Rod with a golden anniversary of our own and is now looking forward to the next half a century!”

A brief look at Dyno-Rod history and facts

  • Founded in 1963 by Jim Zockoll. Dyno-Rod introduced the then unheard of drain cleaning machine which revolutionised the drain business and franchise business model
  • Dyno-Rod was the first non-fast food franchised business in the UK. The service played a major role in the formation of the British Franchise Association
  • The Dyno Group was bought by British Gas in 2004. After the acquisition the company went through a period of expanding the franchise network
  • The Dyno-Rod franchise is known by the orange van, expanding to 47 franchisees across the country
  • 1981 a Dyno-Rod drains engineer gruesomely uncovered the remains of a body, in the drains of serial killer ‘The Muswell Hill Murderer’ Dennis Nilsen’s flats
  • In 2003 Dyno Plumbing was launched and had fitted over 10,000 taps by 2012
  • 2009 a Dyno-Rod engineer made a heroic rescue by saving a week old puppy that was accidently flushed down a toilet after the RSPCA couldn't free him
  • 2013 Dave Scanes, an engineer from Bristol, sifted through 100 gallons of water to save customer Sian Roberts’ platinum Tiffany diamond engagement ring


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