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Orange for Living was formed to market fresh orange juicing machines to the food and retail industry under a distribution system. Associated with Outspan Fresh, a leading name in the orange industry, Orange for Living citrus juicers are designed specifically for the counters of leisure centres, health clubs, wine bars and other high traffic outlets.

State-of-the-art juicer technology provides customers with fresh orange juice, extracting the juice from the oranges in mere seconds while they watch. There are no additives, no pasteurisation, instead, just freshly-squeezed orange juice.

The franchised distributor owns the juice machine, which is supplied free on loan to the outlet. Oranges are delivered direct to the outlet at no cost. The retailer simply allocates some counter space for the juicing machine and in return receives a percentage of the selling price of each drink.

Franchised distributors for Orange for Living operate within their own primary marketing area, while locations for juice machines are provided by the company together with full training of the outlet staff.


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