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The Helen Doron Group, which owns the early education franchises Helen Doron Early English and Mathjogs, has moved into its new state-of-the-art headquarters. The building is described as ultra-modern and spacious, overlooking the Galilean Hills in Israel, and has been designed to allow for more floors to be added as the company continues its growth.

"The fresh, innovative structure represents a new beginning, supporting our escalating worldwide growth," says CEO Helen Doron. "The building is a direct reflection of our continuing success, built to accommodate the increasing staff of our business. We attribute this growth to our highly committed teachers, a professional group of franchisees at all levels and energetic, involved, efficient and far-sighted staff."

The Helen Doron Group established more than 315 Learning Centres, with 32 Master Franchisees in over 20 countries worldwide including France, Spain, Germany, Russia, China and Singapore. "The last five months have been a rapid growth period, with a 20 per cent increase in Learning Centres opening internationally," adds VP International Business Development Anne Gordon. "Educators and business people alike are responding to the benefits of becoming part of the Helen Doron franchise network, with new areas being franchised on a regular basis. We expect to penetrate additional countries in the second half of this year.

"Programme development is a major priority, as our professional pedagogic team is devoted to helping children reach their highest potential with constant development of new products and continual improvement of existing ones. We are proud to see that both practically and statistically, we are truly making a difference."


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