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The tough economic climate has left many small businesses struggling financially, and having their invoices paid on time is becoming vital to their survival.

The service provided by The Interface Financial Group (IFG) is geared towards helping these small business owners. IFG franchise owners provide a Spot Factoring system, in which they purchase current, quality invoices at a discount. The small business client receives instant cash for the invoices (instant for new clients means four to five days, and for an existing client it’s a matter of 24-48 hours). At the end of the credit period, the IFG franchise owner is paid 100 per cent of the invoice value directly from the client’s customer. Clients come from the manufacturing, construction, business/professional services, transportation, and wholesale/distribution industries.

IFG has been servicing small business clients with its Spot Factoring service for 39 years and it operates in seven countries – the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland, Singapore, and the UK. The franchise is home-based, and does not require employees, storefronts, inventories, specialised equipment or signage.


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