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Home Insurance franchise Besure Direct is seeking franchisees throughout the UK to expand its business. The company offers people a free, no obligation quote on their home insurance. Franchisees put the details into a simple online system and a number of major, well known, well branded insurance underwriters will give their cheapest price based on the client's personal circumstances. All the insurers have signed up to a single, standardised policy so there's no need to worry about differing quality of cover and all the post sale administration is handled by Besure Direct's experienced administration staff, leaving the franchisees free to handle the front end.

Operations Manager, Heidi Evans, says: 'Home Insurance is the best placed financial services product for franchisees, especially ones new to financial services in general, to get involved with. It's a product nearly everyone needs, with buildings insurance being a requirement of most mortgages. It's also a product people rarely review as it's relatively cheap compared to other households bills, and most people can change from one policy provider to another without incurring any costs. Its other major advantage over other insurance products is the small amount of manual underwriting involved. In most cases a client can be put 'on risk' as soon as they confirm they're happy to proceed, which means no laborious administration for the franchisee.'

According to Heidi, Besure Direct franchisees are in a perfect position to thrive during the recession, he says: 'With so much concern from ordinary people about the state of the economy and the safety of their own jobs, everyone is looking to save money, even relatively small amounts. Even with pressure on all our wallets, your home insurance should still be one of the first things you pay and if a Besure Direct franchisee can make that burden a little cheaper for you, you're going to jump at the chance, now more than ever!'

Besure Direct is a low cost franchise with a product that keeps paying a yearly renewal commission without the franchisee doing a thing. An exclusive territory can be purchased for as low as £9,995 plus VAT to include all training and necessary office equipment, the business can be run from home with hours to suit the franchisee, and the average Building and Contents policy will generate about £75 of income to the franchisee. Besure Direct states that at an average for four policies per day, five days per week, franchisees can earn over £70,000 of income in the first year. Furthermore, every year that the policy renews, the franchisee will receive a renewal commission at the same rate as the original policy, which means you'll be earning income from a policy years after you first sold it.

With everyone looking to save money, Besure Direct is set to go from strength to strength, but for Heidi it's very much about growing the business around like-minded franchisees: 'The strength of any franchise is in the quality of its franchisees. While we pride ourselves on being able to take on people who had previously not dealt in financial services, it is massively important to us that our franchisees really invest themselves in their new business. It's for that reason that we look to meet every potential franchisee a number of times before agreeing the franchise, and will only take on franchises that share our ambition and drive to succeed. This is an exciting journey for us, and we're looking forward to travelling with the right people.'


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