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Managing Director of Mr. Electric Clive Houlston says: ''Since January this year, we have seen no less than 15 franchise areas start their own business under the Mr. Electric umbrella.

'Our new joiners are wising up to the benefits of being part of our organisation and the advantages of buying a franchise with us as we're offering a safer and more reassuring option for those looking to become their own boss.

'There are a host of advantages associated with starting a business franchise with us, including the security of working with a proven business method. Interested parties would be buying into an organisation that is already successful and we will pass on our expertise, training, support and in-depth knowledge of the service sector to our franchisees.

'Recent research demonstrates that of all the businesses starting today, only 20 per cent will still be trading in five years time, as inevitably starting a new business comes with a steep learning curve, whereas franchising reduces this learning period dramatically as other's past experience can be used to help those starting out. As a result reassuringly 80 per cent of franchises will still be trading in the same five year period, which highlights the tried and tested franchise formula.'


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