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That’s the message from the stars of UK dodgeball, one the fastest growing sports in the world, as they gather in Cheshire this month, Thursday August 22, for a feast of sport on their way to potential glory in the European Championships.

The men and women England dodgeball teams will be joining up with the UKDBA’s sporting partner, coaching company A-Star Sports, for an intensive training day – as well as a bit of fun with the A-Star kids – at The Cheshire County Sports Club.

The fun doesn't stop there for Cheshire’s sporting fans. The 2013 European Dodgeball Championships are also being held at the Cheshire County Sports Club, on August 24 and 25. A-Star Sports will be providing support at events around the Championships as a partner of the UK Dodgeball Association.

Martin Knight, the manager of the England Lions: "The Cheshire County training camp is a very important day for us. As well as honing our skills, we are really looking forward to working with our partner, A-Star Sports, to help coach and inspire the next generation of potential players.

"Everyone in the organisation appreciates the opportunity to bring Dodgeball to children in a widespread, accessible and exciting way. It's fantastic for the England teams to work with younger children and really show them the benefits of playing Dodgeball both for fun and competitively."

Sharon Bassett, the company's Director of Marketing and Communications and Co-Founder, said: "Dodgeball is a simple, accessible and dynamic team sport and it is little wonder that it is becoming so popular, with new clubs opening up all the time. It is played in schools, the community and organised leagues nationwide."

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