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From a family business to a major organisation, the growth opportunities are the same for everyone as long as they have ambition, commitment and are prepared to work.

Jani-King, the largest commercial cleaning franchise in the world, has been present in the UK for twenty three years, helping British entrepreneurs to turn their dreams of managing their own business into a reality, creating wealth and financial independence in a stable market with strong growth potential.

A short walk through the streets of any town or city in the UK gives an instant picture of the potential: office buildings, banks, shops, supermarkets, schools, restaurants, cinemas, health clubs, and hotels. All of them need daily cleaning, some more than once a day. In other words they are all potential clients for a cleaning business. They could be potential clients for you and your Jani-King cleaning business.

The successful business model developed by Jani-King almost fifty years ago relies on providing extensive support to its franchise owner. The focus on new customer development and retention is the cornerstone of the success of our franchise owner. We offer initial customer accounts, extensive training in the most up to date cleaning techniques, ongoing support in pursuit of new business, and a disciplined framework within which a franchise owner can grow with confidence. In this way Jani-King has helped people around the globe write their own success stories. “We understand that the success of the brand has been built on the success of our franchise owner. We gain immense satisfaction from helping small businesses grow into big businesses. Many of our largest franchises began as small businesses, structured to suit their resources. Through dedication and hard work, they have seen their dreams made reality,” says Ted Looney, Vice-President of Jani-King International.

A Major new thrust in the UK creates significant opportunities

For Jani-King, the United Kingdom is their European anchor, and as more resources are put into the UK operation, opportunities for new business for existing and new franchise owner are being identified every day. In addition to single site accounts, Jani-King has proven very successful in winning and retaining National and Regional business with some of the country´s best known brands.

This puts Jani-King and its franchise owner in a position to do what very few companies are capable of. Today, we clean store chains, car dealership networks, and restaurant chains on both a Regional and National basis. They all rely on the Jani-King service to deliver exceptional cleaning standards. Our National customers know that with Jani-King they get the same high standards at every site, wherever that may be in the UK. As this customer network grows, so does the opportunity for new franchise owners.

One of the keys to the Jani-King opportunity is that franchise owners are given a guarantee of initial business to service as part of the franchise package sold. Currently, Jani-King is able to offer new franchise owner contracts with customers already in place in several towns and cities across the UK.

“We are looking for new franchise owners, committed, hard working, and dynamic people to service existing business in Bristol, Exeter, Bath, Southampton, Portsmouth, Brighton and Newport. We also have opportunities for candidates in Wales and Scotland – specifically, Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. As well as the existing business already in place, all these cities have excellent potential for further growth,” explains Ted.

As the national account customer base extends into new towns and cities there will be further opportunities for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. With several new national and regional opportunities in the pipeline 2015 is on track to be a year of phenomenal growth that we want to share with new entrepreneurs.

How do you get to be a Jani-King Franchise Owner?

If your dream is to say “Goodbye” to the Ups & Downs of the labour market and manage your own business the Jani-King franchise offers a secure means to success. Not only is there comprehensive support for new franchise owner but also an existing customer base waiting for your attention. The UK office has various franchise owner plans, which can be tailored to your financial resources. Franchise plans start from as little as £17,250 and go up from there in line with the investment you wish to make and the amount of guaranteed business you want.

The beauty of the various options available from Jani-King UK is that new franchise owner can set up their business as it best suits them, either full-time from day 1 or part-time as they make the initial steps in the development of their future. From the beginning, and as the business grows, franchise owner can count on assistance, advice and support from Jani-King.

Training for your success

Jani-King provides initial training in cleaning techniques and provides clear guidelines on how to make the best of the opportunities for new business there may be in your area. The comprehensive training programme includes professional cleaning methods based on almost 50 years experience, business administration skills, sales and promotional techniques.

The training includes, lectures and discussions in a classroom environment, practical demonstrations, and hands on training in cleaning techniques and the proper use of equipment. Available with the courses are manuals and video presentations. The focus is on making sure that new franchise owner are fully conversant with recent developments in the cleaning world; are able to effectively train their own employees; retain their customers with excellent service and are confident in their ability to gain new business.

In summary a new franchise owner can expect to gain all the skills and knowledge necessary for their business to be successful. Do that walk around your local area again and look at it with new eyes. These could be your customers on which you build a financially secure future.

The Kingdom of the King of Clean

Founded in 1969 in the United States, Jani-King is considered to be the largest commercial cleaning franchise in the world. Present in 13 countries it has more than 10,000 franchise owners supported by over 120 regional offices.

One of the most impressive examples of entrepreneurship in the 20th Century, the company was the brainchild of University of Oklahoma student, Jim Cavanaugh, who set up a cleaning business to help pay his way through university. After a year Jani-King was born and in the seventies, as the business rapidly grew, the model was refined from a simple franchise to a ready-made business package of operating areas with an established customer base. Ideal for ambitious entrepreneurs with a limited initial knowledge of the market.

Jim Cavanaugh’s successful marketing, supported by an incessant search for the most modern cleaning techniques and the application of rigorous quality controls, set Jani-King on a rapid upward growth path which has been sustained until today earning the company the well-deserved name “King of Clean”

If you are thinking seriously about opening your own business but wonder where you should start, give Jani-King a call. You will be surprised about how easy it can be to turn your dreams into reality. You will be joining a worldwide team of recognised experts that, with your hard work, will secure your future.


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