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International jewellery retail company, GT Group, is looking for UK franchise owners for its two franchise brands.

GT Group franchises its brands Light Luxuria Jewellery and Lolita Accessories.

Light Luxuria Jewellery is a retailer that sells stylish and affordable jewellery aimed at women 35 years old and over. Lolita Accessories is aimed at women of all ages who want jewellery and accessories that reflect the latest fashion trends at value for money prices.

Franchise owners for either brand can expect to receive: advertising materials and gift packaging; the capacity to exchange their stock with new products; 3D architectural plan; huge collection that is renewed every month with more than 165 new models; follow-up and management assistance from head office with online IT and logistics programme; and training from its specialised team.

GT Group is looking to open retail locations in UK cities that have over 35,000 inhabitants, a city centre or shopping mall, and high traffic commercial area of walking consumers.


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