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5DAY offers:

  • Positive cash flow
  • Simple, proven marketing strategy
  • Operational within eight weeks
  • 9-5 business

The 5DAY opportunity

Since launching its Norwich-based operation in 2002, intensive theory and practical driving school, 5DAY, has gone on to become one of the most successful intensive driving schools in the UK– serving over 1,000 students a year.

At the end of 2011 5DAY opened its second training school in Manchester, which has already proven to be very popular with course bookings almost doubling on a weekly basis. Following the success of the newly launched 5DAY branch, company founders Richard and Jo Minkler are more eager than ever to continue its national expansion through franchising.

It’s the unique approach to the teaching of both the theory and practical elements of driving that puts 5DAY streets ahead of the competition.

With the assistance of highly experienced franchisors, Richard and Jo Minkler, you will recruit a team of already qualified DSA Driving Instructors and launch your management franchise with a minimum of five cars, with the goal of increasing your team of instructors to 20 by the end of your first year of trading.

Based on the results of the Norwich and Manchester training schools, franchise owners can expect to have up to 60 pupils a month on the 5DAY intensive course by their sixth month of trading, and make back their initial investment costs within a minimum of 18 months.

With an efficient start-up period of just two months and all courses being paid for in advance, the 5DAY management opportunity provides its franchise owners with a positive cash flow, quickly.

5DAY intends to award only two franchises in 2012, to ensure that new franchise owners receive only the best initial training and dedicated on-going support from Richard and the 5DAY team.

Your role

As a 5DAY franchise owner you will be responsible for recruiting, managing and growing a team of Driving Instructors - all or who will use their own cars - organising student’s training courses and marketing your 5DAY franchise in your exclusive territory.

Remember, this is a management opportunity. You do not need to be a driving instructor or have any experience in the driving industry to be a success as a 5DAY franchise owner.

With the ongoing guidance and support of Richard Minkler, you will follow the proven 5DAY marketing methodology enabling you to market your 5DAY business in your local area, securing course bookings for your team of Driving Instructors and increasing the 5DAY brand awareness.

To qualify for the 5DAY opportunity franchise owners must have certain qualities:

  • Proven management ability
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • The drive to help others succeed
  • The ability to follow proven systems
  • £55,000 + VAT to invest

Unlike many other businesses, driving schools have an ever-replenishing market as each new generations reaches the age of seventeen. Driving is now firmly regarded as one of the unavoidable essentials of modern life, making the 5DAY intensive course extremely resilient to those variables that affect the economy.

If you’re looking for an exciting and increasingly profitable opportunity that operates as a 9-5 business - allowing you to be your own boss while having a healthy work/life balance - then 5DAY is the franchise for you.

Franchise Package

When joining the 5DAY network you will receive dedicated initial and ongoing support from the highly experienced company founders, Richard and Jo Minkler, as well as:

  • Business set-up - franchise owners will start their business as a five car operation
  • Initial course sales for first three months of trading
  • Access to state-of-the-art call centre booking system
  • Assistance with recruiting Driving Instructors
  • Comprehensive initial training course
  • Dedicated ongoing support from franchisor
  • Full systems and sales training
  • Access to 5DAYS interactive website

To ensure 5DAY franchise owners get their business off to the best start possible, Richard Minkler will assist with finding suitable premises for your 5DAY centre and recruiting your initial team of five Driving Instructors.

For the first three months of trading franchise owners will benefit from the state-of-the-art 5DAY call centre, which manages course bookings, allowing you to concentrate on marketing your business and managing your team of Driving Instructors and candidates.

Is it you we’re looking for?

5DAY is looking for high calibre individuals who will be totally committed to its aim - to be the number one brand in the UK for intensive driving tuition.


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