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One of the largest fast food chains in the UAE, Just Falafel, has announced its plans to open over 600 outlets in India.

According to a senior official in the marketing team at Just Falafel, the company is set to enter the India market in the second quarter of this year. Its India locations will be owned and operated by selected franchise owners.

Just Falafel has also secured paid franchise owners for Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, India, the UK, Lebanon, Jordan and Kuwait.

Fadi Malas, CEO of Just Falafel, said: “Just Falafel took the idea of a restaurant from the humble, regionally popular food available and developed a number of international flavour varieties appealing to different palates. It is now turning into a global phenomenon through its quality, value and service. Potential franchise partners have recognised the success of Just Falafel’s formula and we’re currently seeing a strong demand from the UK, India and Canada – all of these markets are key growth destinations between the period 2012-2015.”


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