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Kall Kwik Managing Director Mike Dewsbury explains why franchising is the best option for those looking to become their own boss: 'Recognition and brand awareness are essential elements for any business to succeed and thrive, therefore, investing in an established franchise sets you streets ahead of an unknown start-up company from day one. Potential clients will already have a clear understanding of your product and service offering, as well as the confidence that your business has a well-established track record.

'Within a franchise there is a great deal of support, both initially and on an ongoing basis, to ensure that guidance is available as your business grows. Staff training, support from other franchisees within the network, marketing support and the purchasing power of your franchisor are all benefits that a new start-up business will not receive. In turn, this support will benefit your clients in terms of business knowledge, service offering and potential cost savings.

'Investing in a franchise will mean a faster start-up for your company. You will be working to a proven commercial business formula that has been developed through many years of industry experience, saving you the time and expense of trial and error in your initial start up period.

'Working to a proven formula will give you the opportunity to concentrate on putting your own stamp on the business, implementing your own ideas and strategies safe in the knowledge that you have the stability of an established brand, yet with the advantage of being your own boss.

'Maybe most importantly within the current economic climate, choosing the franchisee route will mean less risk for you. It is possible to make profit calculations based on historical performance across a network of franchises, giving you a good idea of your return on investment.

'You will also make a significant saving on start-up costs such as brand and web design, negotiating a prime location, marketing, advertising and PR support. At the same time your company credentials and credibility will be boosted by your franchisor's existing list of clients and business acumen - creating a win, win situation!'


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