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For the sixth consecutive year Kall Kwik, a design and print franchise, has been awarded the status as one of the most recognised brands. The Centre for Brand Analysis, which reviewed feedback from a voluntary Expert Council and over 1,500 business professionals, has awarded Kall Kwik the Business Superbrand status.

Mike Dewsbury, Managing Director of Kall Kwik, believes that recognising the need to change with the times in order to exceed client expectations and meet demand is absolutely key to maintaining brand loyalty in an increasingly competitive marketplace. He says: 'Differentiating your brand is more important than ever before as the recession forces businesses across the UK to tighten their belts and slash budgets. 2009 will see the survival of the fittest as economic uncertainty takes a tighter grip and clearly defines those who are steadfastly listening to their clients and changing with the times and those who are failing to react quickly enough in the current climate.

'There are a number of defining attributes which differentiate a brand from a Superbrand. Staying power is the corner stone to maintaining and growing your customer base in a time when brand loyalty has faded as a result of increased choice promoted through internet and media channels.

'Relevance is also vital in upholding solid relationships with clients and sustaining positive associates with your brand. For example, Kall Kwik has recently seen a dramatic increase in orders of printed point of sale materials as retailers work hard to boost sales. We are ideally placed to service the needs of the retail sector, and will ensure that we maximise on this attribute in order to build awareness of both the brand and service offering.

'Your brand must be visible, be that through the footprint of your operations or by a defined advertising and brand strategy, to keep your company at front of mind. It is also essential to promote development and growth in order to re-energise the brand and show existing and potential clients that you are staying one step ahead of your competitors.

'Maybe most importantly to achieve and maintain Superbrand status you must stand by your own company ethos and values, clients will respond better to a consistent and trustworthy company over a changeable and transient brand.

'Securing Superbrand status for the sixth consecutive year is a direct result of continuing to evolve the Kall Kwik brand, while also safeguarding the foundation of our company culture and principle.

'Superbrands are not created instantaneously, but must work at achieving trust, integrity and consistency. With the franchise market holding up well against a backdrop of financial uncertainty Kall Kwik will continue to thrive, grow, exceed client expectations and stand out from the crowd.'

Stephen Cheliotis, Chairman of the Expert Council and CEO of the Centre for Brand Analysis, comments: 'A Business Superbrand has established the finest reputation in its field. It offers customers significant emotional and/or tangible advantage over its competitors, which customers want and recognise; it must also represent quality, reliability and distinction.'


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