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Kall Kwik's Head of Marketing Laurence Knott comments: 'While advances in technology have made it easier for companies to communicate with consumers, the most advanced ways of reaching a target audience are clearly not always the most effective.

'Our research shows that consumers are quick to discard communications they see as intrusive or irrelevant, and with methods such as email and text this process becomes almost instantaneous - with messages often being deleted before the subject has even been digested.

'Companies are right to be wary of investing heavily in this type of marketing - consumers are more likely to read and act upon material they receive in printed form, while finding text communications in particular more irritating than interesting.

'Further advances in 'spam blocking' also mean many mass email and text campaigns are never even seen by the intended recipient, instead going straight in the electronic bin. Print allows businesses to communicate with their customers in a way, which is simply not possible electronically. Consumers appreciate the physical contact print brings - and it also allows firms a whole host of options to make their material look and feel more appealing. '


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