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After personally benefiting from the LighterLife programme a former client became a franchise owner. Yvonne Beauchamp lost four stone and slimed down to a size 10 through the LighterLife programme, which gave her the confidence to revaluate her career and start her own business.

Yvonne said: 'I used to be a European HR Director for an IT company and my fat would hold me back. I had no confidence at work and often felt fat and stupid. I wouldn't take on extra assignments or go for a bigger job with more responsibility because I had no self-esteem in the workplace because of my fat.' On losing weight, Yvonne began to re-assess her career and realised that it wasn't making her happy, and her new confidence lead to her looking into starting up her own LighterLife franchise.

Yvonne continued: 'I knew that it would work and would put me in a win/win situation. Having tried other diets and weight loss programmes, I thought that the whole counsellor impact of the programme was revolutionary. It opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking about food and I knew that it would work for the masses.'

Within the first four months of launching her franchise Yvonne had 90 clients purely from word-of-mouth, the LighterLife website and referrals. She now has 200 clients coming though her door and is planning on opening a second location due to the success of her business. Yvonne is continuing to develop her business and has employed a certified nutritionist to speak to her groups quarterly, as well as recently starting a quarterly newsletter.

With her business continue to grow Yvonne would have no hesitation recommending this franchise to anyone else, she added: 'If you want to be able to manage your own destiny, then running your own business is your best opportunity as it leaves you in charge of what you want to do. From an industry point of view, LighterLife's weight loss programme outweighs the competition because it works. It is much easier running a business with a product that has such a high success rate.'


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