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It should not be viewed as an intimidating proposition due to the extensive benefits of choosing a franchise, rather than the far scarier prospect of setting up a business alone. The proven and tested business model, coupled with the support you would receive from the franchisor and their team, provides the franchisee with a far greater chance of success as the likelihood of mistakes being made are considerably lower.

After making the initial choice to become a franchise, individuals are then faced with the decision of which market to operate in. It is sensible to choose a business that is still facing demand or, even better, enjoying increased demand during the recession, which it is forecasted to last until at least 2009. An example of a business that is experiencing exceptional demand in this trying period is The Local Bookkeeper franchise. This franchise specialises in helping small- to medium- sized businesses (SMEs) to have better management of their finances. Since banks are pulling back facilities for small businesses, they are being forced to better manage their finances to avoid failure and often require professional financial help to do so.

The Local Bookkeeper will take the burden of a business's finances off their shoulders by providing a highly professional, value-based, financial management service for small businesses including bookkeeping, management accounts, credit control service and payroll services. Mike Southon author of 'The Beermat Entrepreneur', outlines the importance of having a 'fiancial cornerstone' in small businesses who will advise business owners on their financial position, how they can better manage their cash flow and can also become their financial representative in situation where a greater financial knowledge is required. All small businesses require this service and, with 4.7 million SMEs in the UK, the client potential is enormous.

Paul Dawson became The Local Bookkeeper Southend-on-Sea when he started in April 2008. Paul possessed a background as an Accountants Manager for a law firm but felt his job was not providing enough of a challenge for himself and he knew he would be capable of much more if he was given the opportunity. Paul saw this opportunity in The Local Bookkeeper and decided to join the revolution because he was so impressed with the franchise's philosophy and values and, under the proven and tested business model of helping small businesses have a better understanding of their financial position, he was convinced he could create a successful business.

The unique selling point of the services that The Local Bookkeeper offers are that no matter what the economic climate, businesses will always require their bookkeeping to be completed, payroll to be managed and to have a better understanding of their financial position in order for them to identify ways to better manage their business.

The Local Bookkeeper is experiencing a massive increase in demand and in October this year the network experienced its best month yet. 'I am ahead of my targets, which means I have had to already recruit my first member of staff and am already on the hunt for another talented individual to expand my team,' says Paul. He is delighted to be on the way realising his goals of growing an extremely successful business and to help further develop The Local Bookkeeper brand as a professional market leader in financial management.

The Local Bookkeeper has over twelve years of experience behind them that has been used to ensure that their business model is flawless and which has also been verified in practice to be the road to success, by each franchisee that has followed it. The constant support from the franchisor makes sure each franchisee is able to overcome any barriers they may have in order for them to achieve success.


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