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The transportation of horses to and from events in the UK is about to be revolutionised with a franchise network of horsebox owners for hire.

The fully-insured service is the brainchild of horse owner Jayne Sansom, who struck upon the idea after noticing how fellow horse enthusiasts were spending hours on the phone trying to find suitable transportation for their horses.

For years she faced the same problems as thousands of horse owners do today, finding a suitable vehicle locally to fit into her busy schedule and then having to ensure she was insured to get behind the wheel of an ageing poorly maintained horsebox. On a few occasions the horsebox broke down leaving her stranded and more importantly her horses as well.

Samson said: “Horses on the Move is set to revolutionise the equestrian world and transform a necessity to transport horses in a quick, safe and professional way.

“We are looking to work with determined, tenacious and dedicated individuals that share our passion for high standards and want to turn a love of horses into a really profitable business with our support, she added.

With a network of Horses on the Move operators planned horse owners can now save time and effort booking a horsebox online or with a single telephone call with the peace of mind that their pride and joy will be moved in a clean, safe and fully insured vehicle coupled with the added peace of mind that equine rescue is in place should anything happen.

Horses on the Move is available as a franchise business and comes with a complete training package. A choice of vehicle options with purchase, lease or hire purchase is available and full support from a dedicated head office.


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