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According to research conducted by print and design franchise Kall Kwik businesses are placing too much emphasis on price when choosing a print and design supplier. The company has discovered through a survey that 44 per cent of businesses admitted that price was the main driver when out-sourcing print and design, 28 per cent said quality was as critical and seven per cent placed creativity as a key consideration.

Mike Dewsbury, Managing Director of Kall Kwik UK, commented: 'Our research has revealed that price is often the overriding decision-making factor for companies when it comes to appointing print and design suppliers, particularly as the recession takes hold, pushing other vital considerations further and further down the scale.

'Businesses should look for an effective balance between price, quality, creativity, reliability and turnaround time in order to ensure real value for money. Cost alone will not guarantee the best execution of a job and if the design or production quality is poor or deadlines are missed, the initial outlay will be worthless.

'Now more than ever before businesses should be working to maximise return on investment by comparing suppliers using a number of set criteria. The lowest price is only the best price when measured up against other key factors that tick all the boxes to provide the most effective end result possible.'

Kall Kwik has a network of more the 150 franchise owners across the UK, who provides print, direct mail and design services to businesses in their areas. Mike added: 'In such a tough economic climate, businesses need to think smart to effectively reach their target audience and boost their bottom line. Sourcing the right supplier should be about value for money - not purely about the lowest price.'


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