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These figures are among the key findings of the latest market report into the domestic cleaning industry published by cleaning franchise Molly Maid.

According to the report, one in seven households employ help in the home. Driving this are a number of social and economic factors such as more disposable income, a steady increase in women's employment outside the home and the changing role of women in society, a greater acceptance of having help in the home, and a supply of professional and reliable services.

Despite this, 95 per cent of cleaners operate in the black market, working for cash in hand and without insurance. Molly Maid believes this is to change in line with the US, as increasingly complex and comprehensive health & safety legislation is introduced. Domestic cleaning is also gaining recognition as a profession.

Molly Maid UK CEO Pam Bader OBE comments: 'The domestic cleaning services market in the UK is expanding rapidly. At the same time it's a polarised market with professional, registered companies offering their services at one end, and one-man/woman bands operating in the black market at the other. We're hoping the Government will consider waiving VAT for professional domestic cleaning companies as is the case in France and Luxembourg, to make it a more level playing field.'


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