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One of the many benefits of becoming a MOLLY MAID Franchise Owner is the high level of support they receive from its dedicated support team, which provides guidance throughout the life of the franchise.

MOLLY MAID continually seeks to explore new ways and means in which to reach its customers and generate even greater brand awareness to assist in the growth of its businesses. These new business developments are then formally presented to its Franchise Owners at regional meetings and the MOLLY MAID annual convention.

MOLLY MAID regional meetings, which take place in different locations around the UK to suit its many Franchise Owners, provide an excellent forum for them to come together and network. The day is designed with two objectives in mind; to share new initiatives and ‘hot topics’ relating to the day-to-day running of their businesses and to encourage networking among Franchise Owners.

The day itself comprises of presentations providing practical guidance on the business, break-out sessions to share experiences and ideas and a lunch to provide a chance for Franchise Owners to network.

The most recent MOLLY MAID regional meeting focussed on the launch of its new Marketing Materials including a new service flyer, new professionally personalised adverts, personalised posters and exhibition stands all at the disposal of the Franchise Owners to help build even greater brand awareness. This generated a great deal of positive discussion and momentum to hit 2011 with a real bang!

Pam Bader OBE, Chief Executive of MOLLY MAID, said: “At MOLLY MAID we regard our regional meetings as an absolutely essential part in providing the necessary support to our network. In my view, there is nothing that can replace face-to-face interaction with Franchise Owners and we strive to encourage this vital aspect of building relationships within our network.

“Over the years, we have found that Franchise Owners relish the opportunity to discuss their businesses with one another often sharing similar experiences. By doing so we tend to find that our Franchise Owners turn not just to support office for assistance, but also to one another.”


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