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MOLLY MAID Chief Executive, Pam Bader, is urging ambitious housewives and mums to realise their potential and recognise the invaluable managerial and organisational skills which running a household requires.

To successfully manage the day-to-day running of a household, you need to be organised, a good timekeeper and diplomatic. These are some of the qualities that make MOLLY MAID franchise owners so successful.

Bader said: “So many women lack self esteem, some of them haven’t got A levels or been to University but they have consistent commonsense and stacks of energy. The joy for me is seeing these women blossoming, growing as people, growing in confidence, running bigger and bigger businesses and earning more money that ever dreamed of earning.”

By running a home and family, individuals accumulate organisational, man-management and planning skills that could thrive in a managerial position. Not to mention the budgeting and financial management expertise which is all too often taken for granted. With MOLLY MAID, franchise owners can fit their business around their lifestyle and commitments.

As a successful businesswoman, wife and mother, Bader is an excellent example of what dedicated and ambitious women can achieve.

“A lot of women have the ability to run a business, they just lack confidence but with a little professional training they can become very successful.

“It’s scary when you go into business and you can feel all alone, but MOLLY MAID holds your hand from the first introduction and continue for as long as you are a MOLLY MAID franchise owner. We have franchise owners who’ve been with the company for 20 years or more and they still enjoy the same attention.”

Bader believes that MOLLY MAID varies from other businesses because it is indeed all about people and offers its franchise owners valuable network support. She said: “I think that one of the added bonuses is that MOLLY MAID is never boring and if you like people, this is definitely the business to be in. And there’s a great social side to MOLLY MAID – we have wonderful get-togethers because everyone’s doing the same thing and these is a great camaraderie.”


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