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Managing Director of Caremark (Wandsworth), James McCallum, is a proud of his involvement in the Citizens UK Social Care Campaign, which is the organisation behind the creation of the Charter for Good Practice for Care Providers and Commisioners. This guideline for care standards looks at the issues of payment, travel times. It calls for an end to 15 minute care visits.

McCallum said “Caremark (Wandsworth) is pleased and excited to be involved in the Citizens UK Social Care Campaign. The quality of social care for recipients in the UK needs to improve and this starts with valuing the important work done by care workers properly and fairly. This in turn will mean society placing a higher monetary value on an hour of social care, which given the current state of public finances, means priorities will need to change. Citizens UK’s valuable movement, rooted as it is in communities, is the best way for these changes in attitudes to come about.”

Caremark’s CEO, Kevin Lewis, added: “The public want and deserve good quality home care delivered by well trained, professional and compassionate care staff. We strive to continually provide the highest standard of personalised care to all our clients and take pride in our bespoke service.”

It is hoped by all participants in Citizens UK that this movement, to bring in the aforementioned charter, will bring the issue of social care into the public arena in readiness for the 2015 general election.(Read more, Page 32)


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