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MyDestinationInfo, a global network of destination travel guides, has sold three new franchises covering Amsterdam, Barbados and Tasmania.

The Amsterdam franchise is being launched by Susan Van Oene and Simon Reap; the Tasmania franchise is owned by Donna and Tony Gibbons; and the Barbados franchise will be launched by Keith and Sally Miller. All three websites are expected to be available to the public before summer 2011.

James Street, co-Founder of MyDestinationInfo, said: “MyDestinationInfo continues to grow and the new destinations will add even more breadth to the site. With these new launches, people will be able to discover local insights on the raw natural beauty of Tasmania, the café culture of Amsterdam and the beaches of Barbados on MyDestinationInfo.

“We’ve grown from 40 destination guides at the beginning of 2010 to 80 destinations with these new franchises. With our model of local travel expertise backed up by a global infrastructure, we’re building a stable and profitable business that is ready to take on the big names in travel advice.”


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