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The new shop, in the former Threshers off-licence on Cambridge Road, will be Churchill’s flagship branch as it embarks on a potential global voyage of success.

James Lipscombe, Managing Director commented: “I realised that there was a huge opportunity to launch a forward-thinking, modern fish and chip franchise business both internationally and in the UK.

“To do this we felt that we needed a name that would be immediately recognisable as a British brand and so Churchill’s was born.

“Using our vast experience we have created a franchise package that we believe will revolutionise the fish and chip industry.”

Lipscombe continued: “We wanted to have a store as a showpiece for potential franchisees to visit and see what their store would look like. Stansted is the perfect location because it allows people to fly into Stansted Airport and see it first-hand.”

There has also been interest from China, the USA, India, Canada and Nigeria.

“It’s a very exciting opportunity and we’ve had such an incredible response both from abroad and in the UK,” said Lipscombe.

“We are hoping to open up 100 stores within the next five years.”


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