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PuriFry, a Northern Ireland-based company that specialises in cleaning and filtration of deep fat fryers, has expanded into Turkey.

The company has entered into a Master Franchise agreement for Turkey with entrepreneur Gokhan Kirici, who believes that the service provided by PuriFry will benefit hoteliers and restaurateurs in his local area. Kirici said: “By using PuriFry’s specialised filtration equipment to extract the oil at working temperature from deep fat fryers, filtering it to remove any contamination and making it crystal clear and polished, and then returning it to the fryer for further extended use we can reduce our customers oil consumption, operating costs and waste output.

“This is a considerable financial saving for hoteliers, and a huge opportunity for us as we develop our local market and expand through franchised businesses across Turkey.”

In establishing the business Kirici partnered with Ahmet Akcacioglu, Managing Director of Isis Turkey, which provides food safety and environmental management advice and support to the local hotel, catering and food industry. Akcacioglu said: “We are very demanding people in Turkey with high expectations on service, food quality and hygiene levels. The detailed training that we have been given by PuriFry both in the UK and here in Turkey has been excellent, enabling us to replicate the business model and introduce it to our local chefs, and to date meeting or exceeding the expectations that they have.”

Carey Baxter of PuriFry said: “Our expansion into Turkey is a fantastic opportunity for us to demonstrate that our UK business model has international appeal, and working with a fantastic team such as Gokhan, Ahmet and Tuba, our Operations and Quality Manager, dedicated to the development in Turkey has been a real pleasure.”

Carey has a few preconceptions before visiting Turkey, he added: “The quality of food and hygiene standards have been quite a surprise, exceeding the highest expectations I could possibly have had. Visiting numerous hotels and restaurants and seeing the interest in, and response to, our service has been very satisfying, especially in an area with such high value on service and expectations on quality.”


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