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A new hairdressing franchise opportunity will soon be hitting the UK's high streets. Male hairdressers, The Dog's, will offer clients a unique service specifically tailored to the style and attitude of men.

Following extensive research, the founders of The Dog's, Stephen Kee and Steve Dixon, have created a brand that is masculine, affordable and professional, geared towards the 21st Century man.

Steve Dixon, founder and Brand Director of The Dog's, said: "During our research and insight planning, we found that the vast majority of men are searching for a masculine, but modern salon. Yes, the modern bloke wants to be groomed and have a sense of individual style, but he's still interested in the things men have always been interested in - sport, music, cars, money, work, film and women."

Dixon continued: "The Dog's plan to roll out salons across the country, initial plans are to open six in close succession followed by 20 in the year following and to have 70 operating nationally by the end of 2013."

The Dog's has already successfully secured its first ideal franchise owner, Big Brother six winner Anthony Hutton. Before entering the Big Brother house in 2005, Hutton was training to be a hairdresser at Saks Academies. To ensure he was up to speed in men's hairdressing he went on to complete the Saks Beginners Barbering Course in 2009. Hutton will open the first The Dog's salon in Newcastle this coming winter.

Hutton said: "I had to be involved in The Dog's. They've got absolutely everything right and are filling a gap in the market that men will be eternally grateful for. It's also an amazing business opportunity for me. Being part of a franchise means I'll get support throughout - from set up, to launch and as I continue to build my business. It's a no brainer and I can't wait for the launch."

Founder, Stephen Kee, who has been involved with the award-winning Saks Hair & Beauty franchise since it was established in 1976, said: "We won't just be looking to open in new locations. The Dog's is a fantastic business opportunity for people with existing barber shops too. If you fit in with our brand, becoming part of The Dog's could be the best decision you ever make."

The Dog's franchise owners will benefit from comprehensive and ongoing support including financial advice, systems, advice on site selection, properties and leases, shop fitting and design advice, management training prior to opening and on-going, marketing campaigns, IT expertise and support, customer care training and support, nominated company for accounts management, policies and measurable standards, individual business reports and a business development team for field support. Instead of the usually accepted 10 per cent of turnover for ongoing service fees, the first 10 franchise owners will pay a set monthly fee of £500 for the first six months followed by £1,000 per month thereafter. The total cost of opening a The Dog's salon is expected to be no more than £50,000 including fit out, franchise fee, initial marketing costs and initial training for the franchise owner and their team.


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