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Sunglasses and eyewear is not something that would typically be seen at a franchise expo, but NYS Collection Eyewear chose the MFV International Franchise Expo to showcase its International Franchise Opportunity. A fully equipped physical kiosk was brought to the show, which was held in New York on June 15-17, and it certainly stopped visitors in their tracks.

According to Steven Wolfson, the International Franchise Director of NYS Collection, the turn out at the show was surprisingly positive, especially from the international business community.

Sal Babbino and Marc Behar, the co founders of NYS Collection, started to sell sunglasses in their first retail location in 1996 at the World Trade Center in New York. Since then, they have built up one of the largest retail sunglass businesses in the world boasting a retail presence of more than 1,700 locations in over 40 countries around the world.

Almost everyone today owns at least one pair of sunglasses and typically replaces them at least once a year. NYS Collection’s policy is to bring high quality yet fashionable sunglasses to everyone at very affordable prices, thus its slogan ”Exceptional Affordable Eyewear”. With over 1000 different styles to choose from, the company insures that it has enough styles to please everyone’s personal taste and UV eye protective needs.

Contrary to what most people would assume, it is not neceassary be an optician in a white coat to sell sunglasses. This is a simple and fun filled franchise business that anyone can succeed in.

The cost of a franchise license is €20,000 for a first timer and €10,000 to open a second or more units. Other than this initial joining fee, there are no royalties, in fact, the company states, franchise owners are guaranteed a gross profit margin of 65 per cent. Furthermore, NYS Collection contributes to the advertising costs without franchise owners having to pay into their marketing fund.

15 benefits of investing in a NYS Collection franchise:

  1. Low risk.
  2. Low overheads.
  3. No royalty payments.
  4. Simple business model.
  5. Low starting investment.
  6. In depth training and support.
  7. State of the art POS technology.
  8. Advertising and marketing support.
  9. More than 1000 styles of sunglasses.
  10. Best value for money to our customers.
  11. Constant introduction of the latest styles.
  12. Enjoyable, fashionable and trendy business.
  13. “One Stop” supplier for everything you need.
  14. Exceptional controls to help you run your business.
  15. US and European eye protection standards approved.

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