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Italian culinary retail brand Olio & Farina has formed a partnership with farmer Paolo Parisi, who will act as a quality expert in charge of product selection. "Paolo's work and competence, which gained him worldwide appreciation, are a mix of traditional and innovative," reveals Managing Director Emiliano Bacigalupo. "Paolo Parisi enables Olio & Farina to supply each shop with an extensive product range, unique in quality and taste, generating constant assortment upgrade and goodwill towards the brand through media exposure. Additionally, the famous Paolo Parisi eggs and hams are available exclusively in Olio & Farina shops."

Olio & Farina sells a complete range of Italian culinary specialties which are the result of a six-year selection. "This activity is ongoing so that we can give our customers an ever-changing taste, away from mass market and 'crazes' whose taste passes off fast," adds Bacigalupo. "Our current range includes approximately 300 products divided in 19 product categories, including fresh products such as Pesto Sauce, Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino and Salame.

"Olio & Farina has its own olive grove in Liguria and its own farm in a vast estate near Pisa, in Tuscany. This interesting supply chain allows Olio & Farina to adopt high quality growing, farming and processing methods. The rest of the range is completed by a number of selected small and medium suppliers meeting Olio & Farina standards."

As well as its Italian network, Olio & Farina has established franchised stores in the UK and France, and is seeking franchise partners across Europe to continue its international expansion plans. "We offer an original alternative to traditional gifts such as floral bouquets," says Bacigalupo, "with extremely high quality products which reflect the tradition and culture of Italian cuisine."


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