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'With dwindling newspaper sales and people spending more time on the internet and wanting information instantly, at their fingertips, there has never been a better time for starting a local website business such as Gemdate,' says Nigel Harland, Director of Gemdate. 'The model designed around Burton-On-Trent can easily be applied to any area in the UK and is highly adaptable.'

Harland adds: 'With high earning potential, Gemdate gives entrepreneurs the chance to run a primary or extra business that takes care of itself, as little work is required once the local site is established and Magi-Build really does work wonders.

'For those seeking quality of life, a Gemdate business lets you decide when you want to work, as it is easy to run from home. It also has a low start up cost and very little associated risk. It can create a source of pride as well as income.'


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