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Papa John's Marketing Director Simon Wallis says: "Papa John's is delighted to have broken the £100,000 mark for the first time. The growth rate of its online trade over the last two years has been phenomenal.

"At the moment, the company's online sales currently average over 22 per cent of total sales, a figure I expect to continue to rise as more and more customers look to the benefits and ease of ordering online.

"Papa John's knows that as a society we are becoming more Internet based and this is becoming clearly visible in our figures. In 2006 our total online sales were less than £2million, this year we will be looking to break the £5million barrier.

"This growth online reflects the growth of Papa John's as the company continues to expand across the UK. 2008 has already seen seven stores open in the first quarter with another eight planned in June, as Papa John's looks to growing its number of stores by 25 per cent this year."


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