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ORCA 's Managing Director Dean Watmough says: 'ORCA specialises in helping smaller businesses compete with bigger brands by helping them develop a top quality website that is unique to their business. ORCA is looking for ambitious people who are keen to help local businesses take advantage of what the internet has to offer and who want the opportunity to work for themselves.

'Franchisees work with local product and service providers to find out what their business goals are and develop a website design and internet strategy with the help of ORCA's head office team. The websites are designed to help local businesses get online quickly and affordably, so they can start to take advantage of what the internet has to offer now.'

ORCA franchisee Robert McRae (pictured above) owns the Cumbernauld- based ORCA websites franchise. He says: 'The pressure from out-of town centres and the big brands means smaller retailers, service providers, traders and manufacturers are increasingly seeing the internet as a prime source of business. New research shows over 22 million people use the web every month in the UK to look for goods, services and businesses. They spent over £50 billion online last year. A professional online presence is fast proving to be the small business's saviour.'


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