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One year on from launching their Oscar Pet Foods franchise, Shaun and Dawn Brigden continue to be impressed with the business.

Shaun Brigden said: “We don’t know where the last year has gone. There is always something new to learn and with Oscar the balance is just right. They are there with guidance and expert help whenever we need it, otherwise they leave us to run our business in a way that suits us.

In the first few months, having purchased a resale business, the main goal was to build relationships with the existing customer base and continue to provide the excellent service that they had become accustomed to with the previous franchise owner. This process gave us a good introduction to our products and services and having spent 30 years in the building industry we have been able to use our people skills to build our Oscar business to the next level.

“Walking our dogs is a great way to communicate our business to other pet ownes and connections with the RSPCA provide constant leads and the new customers that are helping us to reach our targets. In the first year we are well on track and delighted with our acheivements so far.

“We have never failed to be impressed with Oscar and when our product is clearly seen to make a difference the pleasure, once again, is all ours when we achieve a result. The comments about improved coat condition for cats and dogs are a regular occurrence. The greatest reward, so far, is to have saved the life of a 14 year old Staffi cross. Lethargy and general poor condition put a question on quality of life – until we delivered a bag of Pinnacle Plus. The difference was overwhelming and when the second bag was delivered the dog came out to greet us.

“Our aim is to be the franchsie with the highest customer base and teamwork as a family means that Dawn supports the administration and our son, Aaron, helps with the shows. We will never be complacent about our business and have plans to take advantage of the many benefits available to us, via additional Oscar marketing support that will help to focus on new ideas, especially having just completed a micro chipping course.

“Our Oscar business is a pleasure to run and while our area of Brighton takes in coastal roads and wonderful views it's a struggle to realise that you are at work espcially when your next delivery is to a customer who is pleased to see you.”


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