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OSCAR Pet Foods is looking for franchise owners who want to run a successful business that fits in with their lifestyle.

Neil and Lorraine Stapleton, founders of OSCAR Pet Foods, said: “Over 13 years ago we were starting our franchise in anticipation that its eventual success would provide a good income, enabling us to enjoy a better standard of living and have more quality time to spend with our young family. We stuck to that belief and worked hard, sacrificing a little along the way but now we have total control.

“Would we do it all over again? Yes we would! OSCAR has brought us a very special lifestyle. We have been able to work together and to be there to see our children grow up is something we would not have missed for the world.

“We do not take our success lightly always keeping on top of things and over the years we have gained great benefit from working and sharing ideas with fellow franchise owners. To have a network of people all working towards the same goal has benefited our progress which we feel is a deeply satisfying way to run your individual business in your individual area knowing that you are visible throughout the UK.”


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