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Pet lover Pippa Crow has found that running her Oscar business has led to her living her ideal way of life.

“I was a legal secretary for over 20 years spending the majority of this time in London,” Crow said. “In search of a better quality of life a move to Devon, by the sea, was a dream come true. For a time I pursued the politics of the legal profession and at the first opportunity I found work at the Royal Horticultural Society – only to be made redundant. Redundancy forced me to rethink my future; I wanted a job that was fulfilling and flexible and to give me more time to spend with my husband and two children, which meant working for myself.

“Moving to Devon introduced my three Greyhounds and four cats to Oscar and as changing their food made all the difference both in looks and fitness, I was delighted. When it came to my notice that an Oscar business was available in my area I did not hesitate in making contact. Buying an existing franchise was an ideal opportunity because certain elements were already in place but before making a final decision I researched the business opportunity fully, via the internet and locally.

“18 months into my business and I enjoy every day; working for myself is everything I wanted it to be, in fact I don’t think of it as work. I seem to attract interest wherever I go – even on the school run. The existing customer base gave me a very good start and in a short time I have become firm friends with pet owners and non-pet owners who are always pleased to recommend my services.

“Support from my family is a great help. My husband works with me on a Monday – his role of Stock Rotation Manager keeps me organised and my daughter, as Sales Director, promotes the business wherever she goes. The show season is a family affair and we all make the most of our time together while promoting the benefits of Oscar. Of course, my pets sing the praises of Oscar by looking good on their healthy diet bringing extra attention to my professional services.

“One of the many rewards I gain from running my own business is feeding quality food to dogs and more and more cats. Behavioural and nutritional advice has also helped me to solve a range of issues including tummy and skin problems resulting in the customer satisfaction that keeps me looking forward to my future as an Oscar Nutritional Advisor.”

Oscar franchise owners work within an exclusive territory and provide a convenient and free direct-to-the-door delivery service with a comprehensive range of quality pet foods that is supported by an honest label policy.


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