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The theme for the event was “Small changes can make a huge difference” and the event was hosted and run by John Graham and Mark Abbott, Directors and business owners of Oven Wizards.

The business meeting in the afternoon was very focused on helping to improve each Franchisees individual businesses and feedback has been very positive. Tyrone Smith, Oven Wizards Oxford said “The 2014 Oven Wizards Conference was a great success. From what I saw everyone enjoyed themselves and I think all the wizards took something away from the event. Looking forward to seeing 58 wizards next year” Ray White, Oven Wizards, Kings Langley said: “I’d just like to say thank you for Saturdays Oven Wizards Conference. I felt it was very successful. I got some great tips which I have put into practice. Thanks again for potentially saving me costs and earning me loads of money.”

After the business meeting delegates’ partners joined them for an evening meal and social event. John Graham Director of Oven Wizards said: “Over the years we have listened to our Franchisees as to what they get out of our Annual Conference. We make sure it is completely business focussed and the feedback this year has been the best yet. There was a real buzz about the place with lots of interaction and sharing of ideas that work. Franchisees have been reporting immediate successes when they have returned to their Territories, implementing changes to their businesses by creating small changes that make a huge difference.”


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