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FOLLOWING THE LAUNCHES of Master Franchisees in the USA and Australia, UK oven valeting franchise Ovenu has agreed a Master Franchisee licence for France. "Ovenu has already enjoyed great success in the UK market and we relish the opportunity to explore international markets and drive the business forward," says Managing Director Rik Hellewell. "Our franchisees have already made an encouraging start in the Australian and American markets and we now foresee similar demand in France and other parts of Europe."

The French Master Franchise has been awarded to Stephen Halston, who is operating a pilot franchise in the Province of Brittany in North-Western France, and will recruit sub-franchisees to roll out the service into other parts of the country. "The Ovenu concept is something entirely new in France and I am looking forward to making a real mark on the country," he says. "Although there are undoubtedly cultural differences between the French and UK markets, I believe that there is plenty of demand for the service both from the locals, and holiday home or rental property owners.

"It has taken me a while to get to this stage, tackling French legality and red-tape, but I am now ready to embark on the business challenge and I am looking forward to generating new business as soon as possible."

Adds Rik: "Ovenu's 12-year development in the UK has allowed the service to become easily replicable anywhere around the world and, with the support of our franchise model, I am sure that Stephen will make great progress in France."


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